Creating a single-signature (singlesig) wallet

You should have at least one key in your account.

  1. Click the + symbol next to “Wallets” to add a key.

Wallet + button (Screenshot)

  1. Name your wallet, give it a description (optional), and then proceed to the next screen.

Add wallet name and description (Screenshot)

  1. Click the checkbox of the keys you want to associate with your wallet.

Choose the keys to associate with wallet (Screenshot)

  1. Assign the key(s) you selected to the wallet by clicking the “Assign To Wallet” button. You should see the key(s) listed on the right side now under “Key Configuration”

Assign to Wallet button (Screenshot)

Assigned keys (Screenshot)

  1. Add the number of signatures (keys) required to sign/send a transaction. You can only require as many keys that you have associated with the wallet.

Required signature (Screenshot)

  1. Proceed to the next screen by clicking “Next: Review Wallet” and confirm the details of the wallet. Finalize your wallet by clicking the “Create Wallet” button.

Confirm wallet details (Screenshot)

You will be prompted to back up your wallet by creating a BSMS (Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup) File. Even if you only create a single-sig wallet (the wallet has only one key), this is a highly recommended step as there are many ways to create a wallet from a single seed. You can read more about that here .

  1. Proceed past the backup screen. You should now see your new wallet in the “Wallets” section of the app.

My first wallet in Nunchuk (Screenshot)